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There’s a critical point about prayer that should make it seem more sensible, and real. Typically a person doesn’t place her personal trust in another person unless they know each other quite well, right? Why would you trust God to answer your prayer? Often, in order to trust someone, we need to have a personal relationship with them.

            Same thing with God.  To make prayer meaningful to you, and to expect God to listen, you need to be in a personal relationship with God. My Bible-perspective on life says so. John 3:16 of the Bible tells me that “God so loved the world, that he sent his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 is the verse that is often held up on signs at big football games.

            The “Son” is Jesus. Jesus is God the Son according to the Bible. Jesus, God, the only perfect person who has ever lived, died on the cross in order to take on the punishment that was for humanity. Jesus took the punishment so people can be forgiven and redeemed to a personal relationship with almighty, holy God, and ultimately go to heaven after they die, for eternal life.  Receiving all these “goods” is as simple and profound as receiving, unwrapping, and using a beautiful Christmas present.  If you don’t unwrap, it won’t do you much good!  For something so big, that’s crazy-easy, isn’t it! I think so too.

            Then in a personal relationship with God, our Heavenly Father, we can sincerely pray to our God whom we trust and He will answer us, his adopted children.

            A lot of times you hear people close a prayer, “.   .   . in Jesus’ name, Amen.” That’s not necessary, but it is appropriate as it’s because of Jesus that we can be in a personal relationship with God.

            I imagine some of you are thinking, “No way, it’s not that complicated. Or, it’s not that simple.”  I imagine others are thinking, “why Jesus?” Why not Mohammed or Buddha? And why can’t we just talk about God, and leave out Jesus?” Good questions. Let’s keep talking about it.