Praying for Les, who’s doing life

Posted: December 24, 2007 in Blogroll, Life, Personal, religion, Thoughts, Uncategorized

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You might wonder, “How does my praying make any difference? Pray?  What an act of futility!  Nothing happens!”

            From my perspective, or in other words, what I personally believe is the true point of view, is that God is the all-powerful Creator who also desires to be in a personal relationship with people. A big part of it for me is that the Bible, God’s Word, tells me so. Another big part to my belief in the power of prayer is experiencing God’s answers to prayers. So, keeping in perspective who God is, in relation to whom I am, causes me to believe that, yeah, prayer makes all kinds of sense.

To illustrate, God is like a giant satellite in space. As we pray for individuals in Iraq, in Afghanistan, across town, or for ourselves if we are hurting, God sees each one and knows us by name. As we pray, God hears it and will answer according to His perfect will and timing.

            So, yes, I think we can each make a big difference by praying. Please let me know if you disagree with me so we can respectfully discuss our differences.        My friend, Les (age 41) is doing a life sentence in the state prison. Les doesn’t believe in God or prayer. At the end of a visit, I often ask Les if I can pray for him and he usually responds, “Sure Fred, if you want to, if that’ll make you feel better.” Sadly, I think that makes Les feel even more meaningless and purposeless, potentially for the next 30-40 years in prison. I’ll keep praying that God infuses into Les a desire to try communicating with Him — a key step to seeing some purpose in life, even with a life sentence.


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