Frustrated, I cut the night short

Posted: December 3, 2007 in Blogroll, Life, Personal, religion, Thoughts, Uncategorized

Peace Within Reach booklet on PDF – (interested n feedback)  

In my job of directing the Center of Hope, I lead a Sports Night for young men. Some of the guys frequently are in trouble with the law. They have become my friends. At Sports Night we keep it simple — 2 hours of competitive basketball and 10 minutes of “men talk.” They are real serious about basketball, and “unserious” about men talk in which we talk about relevant life issues and we pray.

            A few weeks ago, I expressed frustration as several of them just started leaving after they got their share of playing time. I was frustrated that they did not respect my desire to have the “men talk” which I worked hard at preparing. Out of frustration, I cut the night short.

            They felt bad, and I felt bad, so the following week went much better as we both apologized/made up. You see, in my perspective on life, God has awesome, unique plans and a purpose for each of my friends.  In my perspective, God loves them and has a great place in this world for them, far beyond the “drop-out” attitude that so many of them have grown up with, and have, and the alcohol and drug use, and the sleep-half-the-day-away in order to party-all-night-attitude.

            But also in my perspective is the Center of Hope’s ministry verse, I Corinthians 3:6 of the Bible — “I (Apostle Paul) planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow into a plant.” I disrespected God’s place in the person’s life. Another way to illustrate that is that we as people are the nursing staff who do the prep work, but God ultimately is the heart surgeon. Out of my care for my friends, I mistakenly disrespected where they are in their life journey, and I went and laid out my personal expectations for them.  So, my perspective remains the same, but I need to adjust how I live out that perspective. It’s a work in progress. Yeah, we’re still having our “men talk” but I’m more careful to seek out relevant topics, and to let them talk.


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