Stan said, “I’m falling apart.”

Posted: November 25, 2007 in Blogroll, Life, Personal, religion, Thoughts, Uncategorized

Peace Within Reach booklet on PDF

peacewithinreach3.jpgYesterday my friend, Stan, came from the Indian reservation by ambulance. Stan is 55 and this was the third time Stan was hospitalized in serious condition in the last 6 months. He has heart problems so he received a pace maker. As his kidneys are failing, Stan is on dialysis three times a week. He seems often prone to infections which get him very sick because of his poor physical condition. Stan said in a weak voice, “I’m falling apart.”

            At the same time, Stan clearly realizes that two of his brothers already died from heart problems — one in his 40’s and the other in his 50’s.

            Stan and I talked about these things and it’s Stan’s perspective that encourages me. I believe Stan’s true, hope-filled perspective gives him a peaceful outlook even in his poor physical condition. It comes from I Corinthians 5 of the Bible.  “Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands.” Just too many storms of illness and injury have hit Stan’s tent, his body. Like each of us, it will finally fall down — he will die. Ah, then it will be heaven for Stan — a beautiful, solid, eternal place without “storms”!  In the next few days, I’ll talk more about this perspective, versus other, what I believe are, incorrect, hopeless perspectives.

            Even though I believe they are incorrect perspectives, I respect those who hold them.



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